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Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging platform in India for Business / Organisations / Professionals in recent years. It’s easy to use / register and setup process is the core foundation of its widespread usage which connects people across age groups around the world. Since every next person in India uses Whatsapp to communicate and stays active / online to read and send a message – it has now become a booming platform for Business Promotion. Though unlike Facebook, Whatsapp has yet to launch its marketing platform to monetize promotions, Whatsapp on the other hand does provide API access which allows certain software’s and panels to send Unlimited Bulk Whatsapp Messages to numbers that have an Active Whatsapp Account. Thus, by using Whatsapp Message Sender you can send Unlimited Whatsapp Messages Daily without the hassle of typing the numbers and text each time you want to send.

Let's look into some points -

  • Send Unlimited Whatsapp Messages
  • Customize your Messages using Emoji, Bold, Italic, etc.
  • Personalize your Messages using Full Name, First Name or Last Name
  • Attach Images, Videos, PDF, Docs, etc.
  • Grab Numbers from Whatsapp Groups
  • Import Numbers in Bulk in CSV / Txt
  • Export Numbers in Bulk in CSV / Txt
  • Random Number Generator ( if you do not have a database )

Anti Block Features

  • Create Multiple Account within the Software to send Whatsapp Messages from different Numbers, the more Whatsapp Numbers you add the better
  • Find and Filter Active Whatsapp Number within the Software so that you only send to Valid Whatsapp Users,
  • Spintax helps to generate Multiple Copies of the same Message by randomly replacing similar terms.
  • Add / Write Multiple Messages to be sent on random ( better than Spintax )
  • Sleep Control – pause sending after a fixed number of messages
  • Speed Control – adjust as per your Internet / Wifi Data Speed
  • Delay Control – set a random time delay between each message 
  • Download Report after Sending is Completed
  • View Report – Whatsapp & Non-Whatsapp Numbers Sent
  • Pause, Resume & Stop anytime while Sending
  • Turbo Mode – High-Speed Messaging ( not recommended )


  • Whatsapp Sender Pro is a Computer / Laptop Software, not an app to use on Mobile devices.
  • To send Whatsapp Messages your Computer / Laptop should have an Active Internet Connection which is also used by your Mobile device, using Wifi is recommended.

Software Usage Guidelines & Helpful Tricks

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